Short But Impressive Story; Franka Soeria


When i meet with her, I said that “I admire you !” directly. She is the most helpful person I have ever seen. If you need any help, you could knock her door. Her door is always open.

What makes her special for me ?

She always smiles. She is always positive. She is really friendly. She is.. She is.. I can find tons of reasons to admire her. She knows a lot of things. And the best point is that she is not arrogant. She could teach you easily. You could learn tons of things from her. And you don’t need to pay for it. She always asks that how can I help you ? I have to confess it, she helped me a lot till now. And I am sure, she will help me on next future.


What is her story ?

She is a young Indonesian woman. She is working as Fashion Consultant & Fashion PR on different companies. She is good at fashion. Especially on modest fashion, she is the best ! She lives in Turkey.(It makes me really happy.) After she got married, she moved Turkey. And her husband is Turkish. On the other hand she has a cute son.

What was she doing before live in Turkey ?

She began to write on her earl ages. Then she studied literature. She worked on Indonesia fashion show.

I focus on her articles. She writes very well. I follow her #randomthougt, I got tons of details from her #randomthougt.

I learned two important topics from her; math of colors and branding during the her seminars. I accompany to her during the two seminars as her translator. I enjoyed and I improved myself with her. So she is like my teacher. But I can say that she is the best friend ever !

My lovely Franka !



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